Jarchow Applauds Continuing Effort to Reinstate Tax Reciprocity

Monday, July 28th, 2014 @ 7:19PM

Adam Jarchow (R-Balsam Lake), candidate for the 28th Assembly District, applauds the latest attempt by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to find a way to reinstate tax reciprocity with Minnesota. Wisconsin’s offer to Minnesota went a long way towards bridging the gap between the states in order to reinstate the tax reciprocity agreement.

Regrettably, the prior agreement was cancelled in 2009, by Minnesota, resulting in nearly 80,000 people who live in one state, but work in the other, having to file returns in both states.

Finding the common ground necessary to resolve this issue for the thousands of hard-working taxpayers in Western Wisconsin who cross the river for work is critically important.

“I call on both the Minnesota and Wisconsin Departments of Revenue to keep negotiating in good faith to restore this important agreement,” said Jarchow. “Without reciprocity”, Jarchow continued “thousands of good folks in the 28th are forced to waste time and money filing returns in both states. Let’s just get the job done.”

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